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Life as a Garden

Don’t create problems for yourself–keep it simple. Most of the negativity in your life comes from you and only you. It’s true there can be so-called problem people in your life, but when you think about it, they only become a problem if you let them. And how do you not let them? Back away from the storm they’re creating and let them figure it out without you being dragged in. Life is too short to put up with any nonsense so keep it simple.

Whether you are dealing with the demands of job, kids, friends, or family don’t let yourself get sucked into the abyss. Always think of a way to make your life simple. Get lazy and stop doing so much. The more you do the more all of these people expect. It’s not their fault–you have trained them to think of you this way. On the job…

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Benefits of Motor Club of America

The Motor Club of America is a very unique service that serves areas all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The Motor Club of America is proud to offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to members who have signed up for the plans that are given. In addition, by join the Motor Club of America you will receive membership discounts on a variety of goods and services that you will most likely end up using more than you would originally think. The Motor Club of America is not a scam, which there are rumors that the service is just a scam to get your money, but a service that has been giving 86 years of emergency roadside assistance and high quality motor care isn’t a scam in any way. 

Joining Motor Club of America can actually earn you money, while you are at home without ever having to drive. In order to earn money from the Motor Club of America you simply get other people to sign up for the service and join the club, earning you money easily. The way the Motor Club of America money making system works is that you have to sign up for a roadside package before you start working. You will pay $40 up front to the Motor Club of America and $20 per month 30 days after your first payment. When you make your first $40 payment, you can begin working and searching for other people to join the Motor Club of America. The best bet for you to start with is asking your close friends and family to sign up for the Motor Club of America. They will receive emergency roadside assistance whenever they need it, and you are earning money for having them sign up for the Motor Club of America services. 

Overall, the Motor Club of America may seem like a scam, but it absolutely not. There are plenty of testimonials that say otherwise, and these testimonials are from people all over the U.S. and Canada. If you are still nervous about the Motor Club of America system being a scam, feel free to do a Google search about Motor Club of America testimonials in order to ease your mind. If you want to make some pocket cash from home, join the Motor Club of America!


10 reasons to join Motor Club of America

If you’re reading this page then you are either looking for a reason to join Motor Club of America or you’re looking for a reason not to join. Either way, the decision is yours to make. Read this article to the end to discover why our associates love making a full time income with MCA.

1. Get paid weekly with weekly and monthly bonuses. MCA doesn’t have a problem compensating you for your hard work. There isn’t a limit to how much bonus money you can earn on your weekly paycheck. You will get paid every Friday via deposit as long as you make 1 sale that week.
2. No commute because you work from home. There isn’t a physical location that you have to go into everyday. You work from the privacy of your own home. No need to set an alarm, sit in traffic, or rush into work because your home is your office.
3. Perks of a regular job such as medical, dental, and vision discounts, travel discounts, etc. It’s no secret that you need an active membership to work for MCA. With that said, it has its perks that most regular jobs don’t give you. Motor Club of America gives you access to travel discounts for hotels and rental cars. All you have to do is call our 24/7 hotline and give them your ID number. You get a discount card for your medical, dental, vision and prescription discounts.
4. Generous 200% commissions for every membership you sale. Memberships range from $9.95 per month to $39.10 per month. At sign up, the customer and/or associate pays for the first and last installment of the membership. So, if the customer picks the MCA Total Security Plan, they will pay $39.10 and $19.95 per month. You will receive a 200% commission of $80.
5. Set your own hours. No waiting for your weekly schedule. You are the one making your own schedule. Want to go on vacation? Cool. Go on vacation without asking someone if it’s okay first. It is recommend you work on your business a couple of hours per day to keep things afloat but it’s not necessary to work an 8 hour shift unless you really want to. Even if you only make one sale per day, that is still the equivalent to an 8 hour work day making $10.00 an hour.
6. Get bonuses from your team’s sales. The whole idea is to build a strong team of your own so you can get paid off of your team alone. You get $6 bonuses off of your Generation 1 sales, $1.32 from your Generation 2 sales, and $1.32 from your generation 3 sales. If you upgrade your account to the platinum plan then you will start making monthly residual income. You should eventually upgrade to the Platinum Plan to start making residual income and encourage your team to do the same.
7. It’s one big family. There are tons of Facebook support groups filled with MCA associates that are there to answer any questions you may have even if you aren’t team members.
8. 24/7 support center to help your customers with their questions and concerns. It’s not your responsibility to answer your phone when a customer has a question regarding roadside assistance or their membership. MCA has a call center in Oklahoma that’s available 24/7 . In other words, if someone gets a flat tire then they won’t call you. They will call the call center for help. MCA also sends out the membership cards to everyone. You should still know as much about the company as possible.
9. You are your own boss. Does it get better than that? You make the rules. Don’t feel like working today? Then don’t. You will be in control of your life and schedule.
10. Financial freedom is one click away. Literally. Fill out the form below to learn more about Motor Club of America’s Independent Contractor’s position. You will also get the instructions to join as well.
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This amazing company allows me to earn extra money from my computer! I copy and past ads all over the internet and respond to emails! That’s it! I simply advertise this amazing company and it’s benefits which are something everyone needs anyway and I get paid for it! Imagine something like DirecTv, you get their service, you love it, you refer a friend and you get a referral bonus! Usually somewhere around $25, but MCA does even better…. we get $80 per referral! Lets put that into perspective, you tell people all over about the benefits and how you love them, they purchase their own benefits and you get $80!!! So… you refer one person…. $80, 2 people $160, 3 people $240, 4 people $320 and 4 people $400! That is ONLY one per day! We post ads all over the internet on over 300 different sites, imagine the exposure!!!!! You can earn an unlimited income just by sitting at your computer!

Car maintenance is too expensive!!

Discounts on Auto Related Services Discounts on all routine maintenance services at participating location, including brake work, mufflers, wheel alignment, transmission work and more! Nationwide network of over 6,000 auto repair shops and service centers. A sample of Service Provider participants include:
Jiffy Lube (10% off signature service)
MAACO Paint & Body Shops (10% off paint and body service)
Precision Auto Care ($10 off Lifetime Brake Service)
AAMCO Transmissions (10% off services up to $50)
Meineke Discount Muffler Shops (10% off services)
Indy Lube (10% off services)
Procare (10% off services)
Transmission USA (10% off services)
Oil Changer (10% off services)
Milex (10% off services)
Mr. Transmission (10% off services)
Multistate Transmission (10% off services)
Alta Mere Industries (10% off window tinting and auto alarm installation)
All Tune & Lube (10% off services)
Safelite Autoglass (10% off services)
Strauss Discount Auto (10% off regular prices on all products and services except tires)
Tuffy Auto (10% off regular price on all products and services)
Monroe/Speedy (10% off regular price on all services)
And thousands of other facilities around the country!

The new way to make money!!

What kind of benefits does MCA provide???

– Roadside Assistance – 24/7 with towing up to 100 miles
– Travel Assistance Reimbursement – Up to $500 travel assistance reimbursement on such things as car rentals, meals, lodging or transportation expenses if your vehicle is disabled due to an accident.
– Planning & Travel Reservations – Personalized travel services anywhere in the US or Canada
– Arrest Bonds – Bail bonds funds up to $2,500
– Attorney Fees – Up to $200 for covered moving violations & $2,000 for criminal charges arising from an accident.
– Stolen Vehicle Reward – $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in theft.
– Credit Card Protection – Reimbursement of financial loss up to $1,000 due to a lost or stolen credit card.
NOT TO MENTION!! $80 unlimited referral commissions!!
….and much more! or call (561)868-2020